2014 – Local High Peace Councils

Given the very positive evaluation of the program conducted in 2011, a similar program was subsequently organized in Kabul in partnership with UNDP (United Nations Development Program), the Afghan High Peace Council (HCP) and the Afghan Ministry of Women Affairs (MWA).

A total of 32 women members of either the MWA Women’s Network or the Regional Peace Councils were trained in Kabul in 2014.

This program included:

  • A 5-day seminar (in negotiation, conflict management, mediation, communication, decision-making) at the end of which each participant developed and committed to lead a concrete and specific action plan in the field. An exchange conference was organized one evening with Ambassador Jean-Michel Marlaud.
  • A 3-day follow-up seminar that took stock of the actions undertaken by the participants and continued reinforce the program’s target skills.
  • A high-level symposium that brought together participants from national and international organizations, as well as civil society organizations and the media.
  • A draft proposal to improve the functioning of the HCP.

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